Somerville Primary School

Specialists   Monthly Bulletin
18th May 2017

Look what’s been happening   in the Specialists Programs…


Visual Arts - During first term we…


        Foundation     – has been practising the correct grip for scissors, whilst cutting carefully along straight and curved lines. Our focus has been on learning the skills necessary for joining papers of various types, whilst discovering their textures. We also experimented with watercolour paints.


        Junior School – examined how different varieties and textures of paper can be used to enhance personal artworks. We have trialled paper manipulation  techniques and discovered colour mixing when using watercolour paints.


        Middle School – learnt about colour, line and shape when arranging media to form collages. We discovered surprising results when exploring the basic technique of tie-dye. We enjoyed learning how to make ‘God’s Eyes’ with  yarn.


        Senior School – demonstrated our understanding of positive and negative shapes  and our skills in combining detailed pattern drawing with our paper craft.     Our focus was to manipulate yarn, using it to form colourful braids and more complex ‘God’s Eyes’.


ICT - During first term we…


        Foundation     – started to learn how to log in to our school computers, what the  different components of a computer are called, how to use a mouse and a  keyboard and how to take a picture on an iPad.


     Junior School – learnt how to independently log in to our school computers,   further developed our typing skills, practised opening a word document and began to learn how to change the font style, size and colour and learnt how to make a video recording on an iPad.


        Middle School – revised how to change the font style, size and colour in a word  document. Learnt how to accurately save a word document and further developed our typing skills. We transformed a story we had typed up into a cartoon using the iPads.


        Senior School – revised how to save a document or picture to the desired file/folder. Setup our own student Google account that is linked to the  school but can also be accessed from home. Discussed the best ways to use a  search engine to find accurate information. Worked on a group project using Google slides about Disneyland.


Health & Physical Education - During  first term we…


        Foundation     – started to learn about the basic fundamental motor skills. Students  practised running, jumping, skipping, throwing and dodging in a fun game based environment.

   Junior School – learnt how to take a catch with our fingers pointing down.     Revised how to throw a ball underarm. Practised hitting a ball with a two  handed strike (tee-ball) and discussed the key elements associated grip,   stance, rotation of upper body.   

       Middle School – revised our low catches and overhead catches. We further developed our ability to throw overarm accurately and discussed correct technique. We practised two hand and one-handed strikes (Rounders and Tee-ball). Students were also involved in the Bike Education Program.


       Senior School - revised a number of our catching, striking and throwing skills  and discussed the key elements involved in each skill. Students had to demonstrate correct technique and then use those skills and make adjustments  in game settings e.g make adjustments to stance when hitting a ball to ensure that you avoid fielders etc. The senior students were also involved     in the Bike Education Program.


 Performing     Arts - During first term we…


        Middle School – Students were involved in improvisation and role play activities     where they were required to work with others to act out a scenario.     Students also worked on vocal skills including the enunciation and projection of their voice so that the desired audience could hear and  understand them. Students had some fun attempting tongue twisters trying to ensure that their speech remained audible and understandable even with some speed.


       Senior School – Students were involved in improvisation and role play  activities. They used facial expressions and body language to portray emotions. They worked on their vocal skills including enunciation and projection. The term’s work culminated in their performance of a well-known children’s story to the foundation and junior classes. Students worked with peers to prepare and rehearse their play, organise props and stage positions. They gave and accepted feedback from peers.


Science     – Biology - During first term we…


        Foundation     – developed our observation skills to identify features of natural objects.     We also learned about our senses and identified characteristics of living and non-living things.


        Junior School – revised living and non-living things and established the three resources living things require to survive – water, food and shelter. We found materials that can be used to build shelters and the natural  resources they originated from. We tested materials for strength and water resistance. We recorded our observations in our special science journals.     We had visits from “Steve the Scientist” to help us with our learning.


       Middle School – learnt about animals and identifiable characteristics that can be used to sort animals into groups – number of legs, body parts, body coverings, habitats, backbones etc. We learnt the scientific names for groups of species and completed a small project about an animal of their choice to assess their comprehension of what had been studied.


        Senior School – have focused on the adaptations of species of animals that assisted it to survive. Examples are camouflage, living in a range of habitats, protection mechanisms, living in packs, migrating, prey and predators etc.     We researched the Amazon rainforest, a marine environment and a savannah in     Africa. Our assessment of understandings has been in the form of the students creating their own species of animal and explaining all its adaptations to allow it to survive. A rubric has been a reference point for  the students to be aware of the requirements of the task.


Dates to Remember

       19th May

Pizza Meal Day

Fluro Disco

        22nd May

Middle School Swimming

        23rd May

Senior School Swimming

         1st June

District Cross Country

        5th June

Middle School Swimming

        6th June

Senior School Swimming

        12th June

Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

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What we are learning about   over the next month…


Visual Arts

Foundation     – I can practise my skills using scissors. I can cut and join paper. I can  create art, using rubbings. I can identify and name Primary colours. I can describe a variety of papers eg.  rough, smooth    

        Junior School – I can follow a sequence of instructions. I can use my  imagination to inspire my art. I can use mixed media to create art eg. tissue paper, cellophane, threads. I can explain the choices I make when creating.     I can experiment with printing. I can create art inspired by themes eg. The sea


       Middle School – I can use complementary and contrasting colours to create impact  in my art. I can select and arrange natural materials to create artworks. I can identify several warm and cool colours and use them in my artworks.


        Senior School - I can plan and create a paper sculpture. I can recognise and use good craftsmanship through repeated practise. I can explain the choices I make during the design process. I can explore tints and shades.




        Foundation     - Students will be learning what a computer is, what the internet is and what it is used for, they will learn the names of the different parts of a computer and find out how data is stored on a computer.


       Junior School - Students will further develop their skills in a word document (typing, changing font, saving a document), they will also focus on the knowing what the different components of a computer are and what they are used for.


        Middle School – Students will learn how to create a chart in a word document,  ow to find a picture online and save it to the desired folder, how to use Padlet (an online noticeboard) and begin to create a slide show using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Senior School – Students will present their completed slideshow, learn how to send an email using their google accounts, learn how to write a post on  Padlet and create their own Padlet.   

Health and Physical Education


         Foundation     – Students are continuing to develop their basic skills (running, jumping,     dodging) we will also be introducing bouncing a ball and incorporating all skills into some basic games.


       Junior School – Students are will be learning the correct technique when kicking a ball of the ground. We will also be introducing some basic AFL skills  such as kicking and handballing and basic soccer skills.


        Middle School – Students will be completing a fitness assessment and involved in a discussion about their health and why exercise and healthy eating is important. We will also be further developing our AFL skills such as  kicking a drop punt, handballing accurately and how to take a chest and overhead mark. We will start to put these skills into some modified games and     discuss strategy.


        Senior School – Students will also be completing a fitness assessment and  discuss the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Students will be continue to refine and develop our technique when completing AFL skills and students  will be involved in some match simulation and discuss game strategies and tactics.


Performing Arts


       Middle School – Students are listening to a wide variety of music examples and listening for the beat and rhythm. Students have been using body percussion and percussion instruments to keep the beat and rhythm of the music.     Students will be involved in creating their own pieces of music using body percussion, voice and instruments.

     Senior School – Students are developing an awareness of different genres of  music by listening for the commonalities in different samples from a  specific genre. Discussions have included some of the history associated  with this music. Students are writing their own ‘rap’ song and are in the  process of creating some music to accompany it. They are using ‘Garage     Band’ on the ipads to create this music.   

Science – Physical Science

Foundation     - I can identify different types of weather, I can explain the purpose of the     rain and water for survival & I can explain ways of saving water to protect our planet.   

Junior School - I can explain the parts of a dwarf bean seed and explain the procedure of planting a seed, I can record weather patterns, I can explain different ways to make sounds and I can explain and draw different sources of light.   

       Middle School - I can explain what a force is, I can move objects using contact force. I can     show force by pushing and pulling and I can explain the forces of attraction and  repulsion between magnets


       Senior School - I can identify energy from a variety of sources that can be used to generate electricity, I can explain the need for a complete circuit to allow the flow of electricity and I can use wires, switches and globes to complete a circuit.